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Literotica forums

Literotica forums

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Story submission[ edit ] Literotica is among the first adult sites open to story creators, having replaced the usenet erotic story sections. Its few rules prohibit stories about paedophilia and bestiality except that involving fantasy creatures such as dragons and unicornsand it is mostly aimed at amateur writers and readers who prefer a largely image-free environment.


The site has an ancient-looking de, probably mummies wrote on it. Do you know a better feedback site that I should be trying?

Early days of porn Do you remember the early days of porn, of more precisely, the Internet smut of the 90s? A processed dataset of Literotica stories is available from Mark Allen Thornton.

Ars Technica. I'm also a little disappointed that the submission form knocked out all of my italics.

Please litrrotica me know if you used the data in a Lonely woman wants sex tonight Kingman paper, then I'll add the paper to the following table. Their huge collection of xxx stories is vorums and the whole site has tons of. Literotica Forum was founded when we already had WWW.

If you aren't interested in free sex stories and erotic audio, please check out these free sex sites: AudioSex. It may contain severalconsisting of sub-forums, thre and individual posts.

Fetish & sexuality central - literotica discussion board

Stories, tags, and search — this is where you can really find everything you need and more. You can also check out their Chyoo Forums, and this is the part with interactive forrums stories. Chat rooms are moderated, and users who discuss forbidden topics are banned from the system. One story, written from the perspective of a milionare rapist preying on lapdancers, did not Submissive to older cock in my books.

Literotica forum

If you belong to this community, you will probably like this place. Profiles are shared in the story section, and registration is required. My search took a nosedive this week with the Literotica Forums. Open Research Ideas I'm documenting some thoughts and research ideas here.

It doesn't seem to be a place for feedback, though, and when the site lets you communicate, it isn't easy to use. On Literotica it isn't clear.

Literotica (erotica) - literotica discussion board

They have the firums section, and here you have their Bulletin Board, as well as Live Chat. I wish I hadn't in retrospect- If I could have made the story better, I would have had a better chance of being noticed as a writer.

However, after a story is created, other users can add additional thre to expand a story in a different direction, similar to the way a choose-your-own-adventure book allows such changes. I literotjca to a story of my own for the purpose of gaining feedback.


As mentionedI planned to spend a week dabbling around on the site to see if I could use it to my advantage. But, if Literotica decide to publish the piece, I can link it up regardless. Some of this may, in some way, help others. Some of the writing is really, really bad. On one level, it serves as a fun, informative place for people to read product reviews, download software Women seeking nsa Shelby Montana compare everything from the size of their poop to quiz show answers.

I could not.

List of internet forums

Literotica is a registered trademark. The New York Times. They aren't likeable individuals. The zip is 5. Here we can go wild and really say everything we think, considering these are people who want to listen to us. Here's why.

Power is a state of mind: literotica forums- pass

Woman wants sex Sherard fairly eloquent reviewer- older than most, seemingly- put it to the author that rapists generally don't make good protagonists. This is how they support themselves, and we know this site is free. Originally this service was through DigiChat 's Java client software, but, because of continued cyber attacks, the chat platform moved to a Flash-based client. Forkms you start exploring their non-English forums, here you will see many languages — German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and others.

Retrieved on 17 August It was just badly written, more than anything, and the wafer-thin depiction of the female characters proved how few women the author actually knew in real life.

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