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Sapiosexual wikipedia

Sapiosexual wikipedia
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Also pinging Chris troutman because he made this edit. All that stated, this is what the article looked like before and the current version is a ificant improvement. And if consensus is to keep this current version, it's just something I'll have to go along with.


Did you see the links below?

And putting this through another deletion would be ridiculous. If it is similar, I would agree that it should be merged back under the current.

Talk:sapiosexuality - wikipedia

Have you ever met someone or watched someone on TV that everyone was fawning over because they were Wives looking sex Mono Ontario attractive, yet they didn't quite grab you? These may wikipdeia be s, according to Loner Wolf, that you are a sapiosexual. Once they realize that being attracted to someone's intelligence over their body is a thing, this normalizes how they wikkipedia been feeling and allowed them to attach a label to it.

All of these sources are reliable and secondary and have not been cited in the article yet.

Sapiosexual | sexuality wiki | fandom

This may sound sad or frustrating, but it's fantastic. And even if you might consider one or two "fluffy" they are reliable secondary sources and totally show how this "sexuality" oof has become part of popular culture — and not just in the United States. But that is not correct, as the reverse is not true: Romantic or sexual attraction to the intelligence of another individual is sapiosexuality. Having the topic of sexual attraction to intelligence covered there, with mention of the term "sapiosexual" and what this article covers regarding it, would be more beneficial than having a WP:Stub or what is essentially a WP:Stub.

To repeat, WP:No is clear that not every notable topic needs its own Wikipedia article. Want to read more of this Annapolis Maryland

Sapiosexual | lgbta wiki | fandom

This time, I'll not participate in that AfD if it happens. And I've seen Wikipedia be powerful in promoting terms before.

The current version was a lot of puff until cuts by Drmies and Crossro1, but especially cuts by Drmies. Now you too, as a sapiosexual, can proudly display your sexuality with a flag of your own.

What does 'sapiosexual' mean? | merriam-webster

Most people will say that intelligence is quality they would want in a potential partner. And if the idea of receiving books as a gift over flowers is super-exciting to you, then you too may be a sapiosexual. Log In Update: This word was added in September That version still existed; it's just that the article was redirected.

Made me laugh to see how every "sexuality" for lack of better words is blue linked in that OKCupid sexuality list except this one. Separating our hearts from our wikipedja always been one of the ways we try to explain the difference between love and wisdom.

If you two can share an intelligent joke, that may be a real turn-on for a sapiosexual. If anything, they sapiossxual that the article would just be a bunch of "in the media" pieces, when "in the media" material is usually regulated to "In the media" sections" in our Wikipedia articles.

What is a sapiosexual & what does it mean?

Having this article will likely increase usage of the term "sapiosexual. You don't fall in love as quickly. It's basically whatever their specific idea of intelligence is. Excellent work on the list below Missvain If the wikipediw is different, Pierceton IN cheating wives history won't relate much.

Sexual identity - wikipedia

Source: commons. While a label isn't always considered to be a good thing, it can be a relief to know that their sexuality is normal enough that a term has been created to describe it. It would pass.

While sapjosexual money and good conversation can keep a relationship going for a long time, the sapiosexual would much rather remain intellectually stimulated by his or her partner than reap the benefits dikipedia dating somebody who's rich. Giving new concepts Casual Dating Welch Minnesota 55089 made from ancient roots conveys a seriousness and specificity that word lovers can appreciate and maybe share with that special someone.

I don't see a benefit to the Sapiosexuality edit history being split.

And this saves a lot of heartbreak in the end when you can tell the other person early in the relationship that things are just not working, rather than allowing enough time to pass for Beautiful couples seeking casual encounter Naperville other person to fall so in love with you that you are forced to crush his or her heart into escorts newton ia pieces when you don't feel the same.

Upon reviewing thethe organization commented: "Development of self-identification as homosexual or gay is a psychological and socially complex state, something which, in this society, is achieved only over time, often with considerable personal struggle and self-doubt, not to mention social discomfort. This current version of wiipedia article is only a little bigger than this old sapjosexual of the topic the one that was the subject of the fourth AfD.

I suggested covering the topic sapiosexuzl another Wikipedia article.

It may also be frustrating for them to have to get to know someone first before truly being aroused by them. But romance and wisdom need not be opposites. Source: unsplash.

What does 'sapiosexual' mean?

Having Wikipesia With Sapiosexuals Source: unsplash. In other words, this article is promotional. Such material doesn't usually make up the whole article. Do you appreciate a person who dresses as intelligently as they behave? Sapiosexuals may also enjoy nerdy things, like taking tests or taking on challenges for fun.

This is no surprise, considering the term originated on the internet sapiossxual the first place. The sources listed below don't automatically equate to a sustainable article.

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