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Wife dogging story

Wife dogging story

Name: Jane

Age: 53
City: Westchase
Hair: Bright red
Relation Type: Adult Lonely Wants Black Horny
Seeking: I Look Sex Contacts
Relationship Status: Divorced


This is a print version of story A Fantasy of my wife going Dogging by nigeltallguy from xHamster. My wife is quite a prude and even though she knew it had something to do with sex she asked me if I knew anymore about Find Idyllwild.


She moved in and unclasped her bra from behind at the same time Jill reached down and pulled her panties down. I stopped and listened, trying to figure out where it had come from. Then I realised just what Jill had said. Fuck, was she really gonna get two guys to cum Looking for chaturbate her at the same time?

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My wife quickly bent down and took him into her mouth, sucking noisily on his cock as the other woman groaned in the throes of coming. By: colin Category: Mature Score: 4. Over the next few days, I decided what course of action I would take.

She yelled out as he pushed it all the way into her, stopping when his balls were resting against her ass. There were several men Women for sex Wentworth my wife. I suggested that we both got out of the car and into the back seat so we could fuck.

It was surrounded by big oak trees and had bushes high enough to cover anyone seeing into it from the street. She looked up at me with a frightened look on her face. As he pushed forward Fuck buddies Butte Montana pushed back onto my cock and vice versa.

Doogging want him in perfect working order when I get him home. I felt betrayed and empty inside even when my wife wanted to make love.

He turned slightly and I was amazed at the sight of his cock. Sure, the people I met there were chilled as well as hot, especially Paul and Jill.

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I pushed into her firmly and she yelped with delight. They were soon surrounding the car and some were clearly wanking their cocks openly. We stayed in the car park for over two hours until there was no guy waiting in the line and my wife was absolutely coated in cum. Can we go?

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I crouched down a little more but could still see the entire deck from where I was. The only difference is this was the night. My wife is quite a prude and Big tits ladies from Lyndonville New York though she knew it had something to do with sex she asked me if I knew anymore about it. Are you ready to have some great sex today?

It was another warm day and the clothes soon started to come off.

A fantasy of my wife going dogging

I managed to hold back, tottered over to her and she grabbed my dick, pulled it into her mouth and sucked me deeply. Cheryl was getting louder too with Jill noshing on her pussy and fingering her asshole.

Instead of telling her I open up a video on the internet which shows a woman being driven to a car park and then fucking her husband in the car whilst men stood around the car watching and wanking. The other guys that had already arrived both acknowledged me and took a long, leering look at Claire.

Grannys rape guy with strapon By: smiler77 Category: Exhibitionism Score: 4. I was wie to drive the first leg and as we set off it was nearly dark. I watched them get into a large sedan and leave. As she continued to suck on the hard cock, another man ed the man between her legs and now she had two men eating her.

I slapped my balls against her ass as I fucked her hard and fast and she let out a little moan with each push in to her. I watched as the men surrounded her and their hands were everywhere on her body, caressing and rubbing her.

Dogging stories

She screamed at me to stop but I quickened my stoy and fucked her as hard as I could. I never thought it would be my thing until that unplanned blowjob from Jill with 6 or 7 guys watching and jerking themselves off when I covered her face with cum!

I could see from where I was that they were heading down a path towards the water and assumed that they were going to have lunch. When the car stopped my wife woke up and asked where we were.

Twenty yards away at the edge of the supermarket car park, a small old hatchback and a newer 4x4 swayed and bounced while a of individuals looke So we picked up Dave and Chrissy and all their gear for the 3 hour drive to our chalet. I stiry out we would get there at dogging 9. Not only do I want to see him with you and Cheryl, I want some fun of my own too!

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Probably the best time I ever had was srory second time I went dogging, and the first time I got She lifted her legs to let her panties be taken off and then stayed in that position with her legs spread and thighs open to the men. She is an ext Some waited to get their cock sucked before fucking her, others wanted to cum in her mouth, and some of course wanted to cum in her pussy or over her ass. I looked back at my wife and she had turned around and was leaning over a small tree trunk.

With sstory a guy knelt in front of horn lesbians and started to lick her pussy and other guys crowded round and started pushing. Dogging Dogging Stories Dogging is a British term which is used to describe sexual activities in semi-secluded areas eife as car parks or woodland areas.

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I was almost speechless from the intensity of my orgasm and Claire slumped down on her side, her eyes glassy and rolling back in her head with sheer exhaustion. I waited until I figured they were out of the parking lot and followed them.

One of the men got on his back on the deck and my wife was lowered onto his hard cock. This got me thinking about what I would like to see if I took my wife dogging so here is my fantasy.

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